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Stop Stuttering Without Speech Control Techniques

Reduce or Eliminate Communication and Behavioral Problems in Autism Spectrum Disorders, including Asperger's Syndrome

Dr Robert Baker, known as "Dr Bob" to his patients, treats children, teenagers, and adults, to help them take full advantage of all the opportunities life has to offer. 

Dr Baker offers everyone a
free one hour initial consultation to determine if treatment is appropriate for you or your child.

Stuttering - Stop Stuttering and Speak Freely without Speech Control Techniques

Dr Baker's unique approach grew out of his own personal experience.  He stuttered himself until about age 50. 

Dr Baker's approach is for people who stutter and want more than Speech Pathology can offer.  It works for people who want to be free of having to use speech control or relaxation techniques in daily life, or if Speech Pathology just does not work well enough. 
Dr Baker is not a Speech Pathologist, and does not use behavioral, speech control, or relaxation techniques for himself or his patients. 

Dr Baker discovered the key to eliminate stuttering while working on a PhD dissertation, The Etiology of Stuttering.  He discovered that stuttering can be due to a thought process developmental disorder.  He underwent experimental treatment based upon his discovery, and his stuttering was eliminated.  During treatment, he discovered that he also had learning disabilities, which also were eliminated. 
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Dr Baker's discoveries helped to shape his mission -- to help others eliminate stuttering and the painful life experiences that he experienced when he stuttered.  After completing his PhD, he earned another doctorate degree, refining his treatment with patients in a clinical environment.

Dr Baker's is a qualified
Research Psychoanalyst through the Medical Board of California.  Learn more about Dr Baker here.

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Autism Spectrum Disorders, including Asperger's Syndrome - Improve Communication and Relationships

As parents of these children know, many of them are extremely gifted intellectually, but they seem to be wired differently, preventing them from enjoying these gifts socially, in school, at home, and at play.  Dr Baker's treatment methods essentially rewire the thinking process, which can eliminate symptoms or offer great improvement.  In some cases, a diagnosis of Autism or Asperger's has been eliminated upon retesting by the diagnosing practitioner.  Some children have been moved from Special Education classes and sent on to public school programs for gifted children.

Dr Baker developed this treatment method as an outgrowth of his treatment for stuttering, and treats early thought process developmental disorders.  He was consulted about treatment for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders by an LAUSD elementary school principal.  His clinical treatment resulted in elimination or great improvement in communication, relationship, and behavior problems.  Children were moved from Special Education classes, and one went on to Magnet School.

Dr Baker's experiences expanded his mission to include helping to remove communication and relationship blocks for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders or Asperger's Syndrome.

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Treatments may not be right for everyone.  This treatment is not effective for symptoms resulting from physical injury, physical trauma, or stroke.  Each person must be evaluated individually to determine if treatment might be effective.

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